Kenya Military Chopper Crashlands In Dhobley, Killing Pilot


A Kenyan Defence Forces(KDF) helicopter has crash-landed at Dhobley of Lower Jubba on Monday.According to sources in the area, the military helicopter crash-landed on Monday night killing the pilot and six soldiers who were on board escaped with injuries.Three of the injured were airlifted to Nairobi for further treatment while the remaining were treated at AMISOM level two hospital in Dhobley.

 It was not immediately clear if the helicopter was attempting to land when it crashed.The AMISOM headquarters in Mogadishu has not issued any statement regarding the incident and neither has the KDF.The Kenyan helicopter was returning after delivering supplies to AMISOM sector two.There are more than 4000 KDF troops in Somalia serving under the AMISOM and they are responsible for sector 2 comprising Lower and Middle Jubba.


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