AMISOM Forces In Dhobley Sensitize Community On COVID-19


The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) forces in Dhobley have handed over several boxes of handwashing soap and public sensitization materials to members of the local community as part of their support to combat the spread of the coronavirus.“Today’s awareness campaign was important.

We shared with members of the community the necessary preventative measures to reduce the spread and what to do when people start showing symptoms of the disease,” said Noor Bihi Osman, Coordinator of the Jubbaland Ministry of Health.

Osman said with the support of AMISOM, Jubbaland authorities had put up various measures and started an awareness campaign to educate the community on COVID-19.

The sector is under the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) and this engagement with the community was part of their response and preparedness plan.

Senior Medical Officer, Maj. Dr. Ephantus Munyuko said such raising and increasing awareness was important to ensure that AMISOM forces and the community around them have the necessary information to keep them safe and reduce the spread.

“We put up preventive measures against COVID-19, key of which is the screening of our troops in Dhobley and all other bases.

We also embarked on an extensive awareness-raising campaign with regards to preventive measures. We have built handwashing points and we’ve shown our troops on the correct technique for handwashing.

We have also emphasized the importance of social distancing and staying at least one meter apart during public gatherings,” Maj. Munyoki said.In the community awareness campaign, AMISOM troops are working with the Somali National Army (SNA) and community leaders so that they can be active participants in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 outbreak.Dhobley sits along the main road to the Somalia-Kenyan border and is a key transit route for travellers.

The borders remain closed. Dhobley is yet to report any COVID-19 case.


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