Somalia Police Gun Down Two Suspected AlShabab In Mogadishu


Police in Mogadishu have shot and killed two armed men suspected to he behind a series of murders in Mogadishu.

The two were gunned down after they assassinated a civilian and tried to escape.

The DC of Wadajir Abdirahman Mohamed visited the scene.”As  you can see this are the bodies of the two men who assassinated a businessman identified as Aboorey I thank the security forces for their work and also the society who alarmed the security forces, these people are against the progress of Somalia.

” Said the DC of Wadajir District Abdirahman Mohamed.The had assassinated a civilian last night at Dharkenlay district in Mogadishu.

Eyewitnesses confirm Radio Dalsan the civilian was shot in the head several times.The police displayed the bodies on the street where the shooting took place.Armed men shooting civilians has been increasing in Mogadishu in the past months.

There is no immediate claim of the responsibility for the assassination of the businessman but authorities are pointing the fingers of the blame to Alshabab militias, Al-Qaeda linked group fighting in Somalia.


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