Massive Fumigation Exercise Begins In Benadir To Combat Coronavirus


Benadir regional administration has started spraying the city to help in the fight against against the spread of the deadly coronavirus in the capital Mogadishu.

“We will ensure that all open-air markets and public places are fumigated and we ask the members of the public to cooperate with health officials as they fumigate the city as it will help reduce the spread of the virus,” Said Basma Amir the deputy governor of Benadir region.

The fumigation will continue as long as the curfew will last in Mogadishu, this comes at a time when Mogadishu has been confirmed as the one which is leading with 90% of the cases.

Meanwhile, confirmed covid-19 cases rose from 164 to 237 and 8 others have lost their lives, so far this is the highest number Somalia has recorded in a single day.


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