Kenyan Police Raid Madrassa, Rescue 16 Somali Girls


The police in Kenya have rescued 16 Somali  girls some of them with American citizenship from a Madrassa.

The rescue followed an operation conducted at the facility located between Nairobi and Mombasa where they were kept in awhile.Six out of the sixteen girls had American passports who were named Hafsa Isaaq A/noor 17 years, Sumeya Yussuf 19 years, Fatima Ibrahim  Hussein 17 years, Malyun Ali 16 years, Nimo isaaq 15 years and Rahma Isaaq A/noor.

Some of the girls had claimed that they were at the facility because they were orphans and had nowhere to go. 

Police said that the girls had been kept in poor conditions, crammed in a small room with only mattresses.The police also said they have arrested 12 women who are Somali Kenyans who age between 50-56 years.


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