Senior Al-Shabaab Sympathiser R Surrenders To The Jubbaland Authorities.


A senior Al-Shabaab Sympathiser renounced violence and surrendered to the Jubbaland authorities.

The elder identified as Ugas Mohamed Moalim Muhumed has been supporting the Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Shabaab in the Lower Jubba region, southern Somalia.

The elder confessed to have been funding the terrorist group’s operations saying he has decided to renounce violence and the ideologies of the group that are contrary to the Islamic teachings.

Al-Shabaab is known to use fear and intimidation, and that are fundamental reasons a significant part of Somali populous find themselves supporting the terrorist group.

The terrorist group, through assassinations conducted in public, extortion and forcibly zakat demand are group’s strategies in making sure they have society support besides enough finances to fund their operations.

Ugas Mohamed Moalim Muhumed defection is one among many others who have denounced Al-Shabaab violence citing the group’s intention of implementing Sharia Law (Islamic Law) to which they continue breaking by heinous killing of the innocent.


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