Galmudug’s Slippery Path To Stability


Galmudug State in Somalia’s central was formed in 2015 by post-transitional government led by former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud but since then the state has been in grips of full-blown political crisis leading the region to remain undeveloped.

Stability in Galmudug is seen to be vital for the whole Somalia regarding to its geographical and political position.

The moderate islamist group, known as Ahlu-Sunna Waljama in central Somalia took arms against al-Shabaab in 2018 following allegations that al-Shabaab terror destroyed their religious shrines. Engaging deadly gun battles with al-Shabaab, Ahluna-Sunna fighters seized large swath territories from al-Shabaab in Dhusameb, Mataban and Guriel towns. Following their successful efforts to establish in their areas, Ahlu-Sunna transformed itself as political wing.

The federal of government negotiate with group and agreements had been reached but Ahlu-Sunna was several times accused of breaching the deal by federal government.

To shade light on how Ahlu-Sunna became obstacle to formation of Galmudug State, during the preparation of the state formation in 2015, the group opposed participate conference held for the formation the state.

Thus, the government led by Hassan Sheikh had no other alternative but to continue getting administration for Galmudug. Dhusameeb which was under the control of Ahlu-Sunna was designated be the capital of the regional State but turned down to host the new Galmudug government, thus Galmudug government used Adado town as interim capital.
On the other hand, Ahlu-Sunna declared to have its own government and parliament in Dhusameeb town.


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