Arabian Country, Not Al-Shabab Executed Saturday Bombing In Mogadishu-NISA


The mystery surrounding the organization and execution of the Saturday bombing in Mogadishu has finally been revealed.
The National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) announced on Monday that it was seeking the international of the international community after preliminary reports.
But opposition leader Abdirahaman Shakur claimed that the NISA report of foreign involvement was meant to be a cover-up saying “For NISA to claim that a foreign country was behind that attack doesn’t only mislead the public but also a cover-up for the agency’s failure, but also diverts blame from the terrorists.
What has baffled many in Mogadishu is that Al-Shabab who are usually take responsibility for such attacks have been silent on this attack, raising eye brows and making people look beyond the ordinary acts of terror.
“The UAE is behind yesterday’s bombing in Mogadishu. This is now clear. The person who conducted this task on behalf of the UAE, the one who is in control over the terror traffic is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. His fingerprints are all over the region’s terror map, from Syria to Iraq, Libya to Somalia, as well as the region’s dirty relations and civil war scenarios”, wrote Ibrahim Karagul, a senior columnist at Turkey’s leading publication Yani Safak.
He added “Evidence left behind from the bomb vehicle that exploded in Mogadishu leads us to the UAE. A massacre was conducted and the traces lead us to Mohammed bin Zayed. They both attacked the Somalian administration and tried to strike Turkey-Somalia relations”.
At play is Turkey on one hand and the Gulf States seeking to have a pie of the Somalia economy, especially with the discovery of massive oil and gas deposits in the country.
The most influential country in Somalia is Turkey. This applies to the military, economy and politics. Hospitals and other humanitarian investments aside, our biggest embassy building and military base in the world are in this country.
Hence, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and Egypt are applying intense pressure on Somalia to “sever its ties with Turkey.” Of course, the real pressure has, all along, been applied through the U.K.
UAE-based pressure exacerbated recently and, when it failed to yield results, turned into threats. Political warnings turned into blackmail and a terrorist attack.


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